1. These By-Laws or any part thereof may be Any amendment shall be brought before a meeting to be acted upon in written form, with exact copies of the proposal for all team representatives. Amendment will become official after one vote at the next meeting, a majority vote of teams in good standing being necessary for passage. Any amendment changes not accepted by the May meeting will not become effective until the February meeting of the following year. Any one part or article of these By-Laws may only be subject to change once in a single year, unless there multiple proposals to the same article or part at the same meeting or the second change is to restore that part or article to its’ original state.
  1. Temporary suspension of a part of the By-Laws may be obtained by the following steps:
    1. An emergency is when a team is in jeopardy of losing its franchise, or losing a football level.
    2. Three-fourths (3/4) of teams in the League must agree that the case submitted is an emergency.
    3. Three-fourths (3/4) of teams in the League must vote “Yes” to temporarily suspend a section of the By-Laws.
    4. All temporary suspensions of the By-Laws apply to all teams and all levels in the M.C.Y.F.L.
    5. An emergency cannot be declared prior to the official roster