All constitution and by-laws governing the M.C.Y.F.L. are applicable and will govern the same except as follows:


Cannot turn 10 years old before August 1st.


100 pounds stripped, 107 pounds dressed (minus helmet). With a 1 pound growth weight after the second week, an additional 1 pound after the fourth week, an additional 1 pound after the sixth week, and an additional 1 pound after the eighth week of the season, or 101 week 3, 102 week 5, 103 week 7, and 104 week 9. Each team may have players that exceed the weight limits above on the Clinic division with these restrictions. Each team may be allowed to play only 2 of these players at a time and only on plays from scrimmage and only from Tackle to Tackle. These players must line up in the tackle box and can never be tackle eligible. Weights for these players shall be 104 pounds for the Clinic division weeks 1 and 2, with a 1 pound growth weight AFTER the second week, an additional 1 pound after the fourth week, an additional 1 pound after the sixth week, and an additional 1 pound after the eighth week of the season, or 105 week 3, 106 week 5, 107 week 7, and 108 week 9. These players shall be identified by transverse striping of no less than 1 inch wide running from ear hole to ear hole on the back side of the helmet. The stripe color shall be the same as decorative striping used by that team. If no decorative striping is normally used, color shall be the highest contrasting color from helmet color as possible.

Must have official roster and birth certificate approved at the September meeting.

Teams will weigh-in before each game.

A player, once on the Clinic roster may be promoted to the S.P.W. roster at any time, but will no longer be eligible to play Clinic.

Quarters will be 15 minutes running clock only stopping on injury, time outs and touchdowns. Game must conclude with-in 90 minutes after it starts. Two (2) – one (1) minute time-outs per half.

Two (2) coaches per team allowed on the field during play. Hurry up offense is not permitted until the final two minutes of each half (i.e. excluding the final two minutes of each half, offense must huddle to allow both teams to make substitutions and adjustments).


No kicking of any kind

There will be no Blitzing at any time. Maximum of six (6) men on the line of scrimmage. Once QB comes up to ball, cannot add or subtract to the line of scrimmage. A defensive lineman may be lined head up on the center. While a defensive lineman is over the center, there cannot be a lineman in either gap on each side of the center (you can have a man in each A gap, but you cannot double team the center). Linebackers and defensive backs cannot rush until a hand-off is made, the QB starts to run forward, or the QB rolls out past the tackle positions. If the QB drops straight back and remains inside the tackles the linebackers and defensive backs cannot rush. Linebackers and defensive backs must be lined-up at least three (3) yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Play begins at the 40 yard line. 30 yard line if playing on 80 yard field.

NO punts- four (4) downs to get first. If not, opponent starts 20 yards from the line of scrimmage. Play will always start outside the 20 yard line, except for turnovers occurring before fourth down. If turnover occurs on fourth down, the ball will not be moved 20 yards, unless the ball is inside of 20 yard line, at which point the ball will be moved out to 20 yard line.

Games will be played on either 100 yard or 80 yard field of legal width, 160 feet. Goal posts are recommended but not required.

Once a point spread of 20 or more points is reached, the losing team shall always receive the ball after any scoring by either team or at the start of the second half; until the point spread is under 20 points.

You can advance a turnover; any turnover (muffed snap, fumble, interception, etc).

Coaches on the field – Two (2) coaches per team allowed on the field during play. Coaches must be 15 yards off the ball when the line is set and no adjustments or talking once the offense is set and ready to run a play. This applies to offense and defense (you cannot yell reverse or tell the QB to pitch, etc). After the offense comes up to the line of scrimmage and is in a set position to run a play, they are unable to shift into another formation during that play. The offense is allowed to send one player in motion prior to the snap of the ball.


See Referee Guidelines for penalties.

After a ball is set, the team has 45 seconds to run the play, one warning, second infraction 5 yard penalty.

Game Times: Refer to Varsity By-laws ARTICLE IV: GAMES for game times and days.

One off sides warning per half.